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It’s gonna rain It’s gonna rain It’s gonna rain…

When it rains, it pours. As goes the adage, so goes our lives here in Portland since, well its been awhile since its hasn’t been raining. Yet, I’m feeling it. I’ve recently made it out between showers at dusk to get some great avian recordings. I recorded an up-close pair of woodpeckers  and several humming birds, chickadees, and blackbirds, all in Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, in Portland. Whenever the water is this high many birds normally in the reeds or inner forest come to the edges to feed and socialize, luckily the edge is where the path is. Today also marked my first sighting of a beaver. I will definitely be using some of today’s recordings in my final soundcape mix for Anthrophony, composed for Third Angle Ensemble. Along with the birds the piece is composed for Flute, Violin, Cello, Electric Guitar, Percussion and Piano.

It has been a real pleasure working with 3A, their clarity, commitment, and passion to contemporary works and community in my mind makes them one of the premier ensembles of their kind active today, anywhere. Other works on the concert by UK compser Tom Coult, mid-westerner and Swede Mathew Peterson, and Greg Steinke of our own Depot Bay will be presented, as well as runners up in 3A’s upcoming New Ideas in Music Concert this week. I am happy Oregon will be represented well, but looking forward to hearing from across the pond, and in between. In fact if one made a line of the winners and runners up it would connect on a line roughly 10-15 degrees latitude 45th N Parallel – U.K. – Indiana – Oregon -China (I don’t where everybody may actually be from but it’s an interesting coincidence). I am having a great time not having to be “impresario” for this concert, though I am conducting, the related tasks like inviting people that read this blog (does anyone read this blog?) and organizing everything else has been expertly executed by team 3A led by Executive Director, Lisa Volle. It’s not often that one has the opportunity to hear SIX international premiers, performed twice in one week–a treat I highly recommend, however there will recordings available to download on 3A’s website. Hope to see folks there and who knows, the sun may even be out this spring.  Oh, and yes I’ve recorded the rain, several times.


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