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Dear Friends, and Family,

The time has come for me to address you, and ask for you to support something that holds a vision to inspire the community to grow, to appreciate and respect each other, and to challenge what we think of Contemporary Music.

This year, on March 22nd The Contemporary Portland Orchestra Project participates for the very first time in the March Music Moderne annual music festival here in Portland, Oregon.

We are very excited, and delighted to be able to work with so many composers on this program. Joe Colombo, Danny Clay, Justin Ralls, and Charles Copeland all currently residing in either San Francisco or Portland have written pieces for this program. I just want to congratulate them all for creating truly unique, contrasting, and limitless pieces.

This day and age we are bombarded with so many technological things, so many new advances on a monthly, even weekly basis that are available to us (especially music) that as musicians, classical, jazz, pop, any genre, we can no longer ignore the electronic boom of this decade. It truly is a wonder how advanced our civilization is becoming, and we want to honor that, incorporate it, but also keep in mind the beauty that we must protect. From the natural world that is always in danger by our ever-growing needs to the environments around us that we affect on a daily basis. This concert is meant to unify those two worlds, to unify the younger generations by not just letting this be another “Contemporary Music” concert, but by actually trying to reach out to those that may not be into “Classical” music but that love, understand, and appreciate the electronic sound of the next generation.

This program will be unusual. It will be Special. It will be something that we all hope you enjoy, and that you can take something away from. I’m not going to give away much about what’s on the program, but I will say it’s a treat to have a trio for three glockenspiels! (twice)

Please, take a moment to mark this event on your calendar, and show your support to these young, and talented composers, and the wonderful virtuosic musicians who made this possible. This music is hard to learn, but it’s beautiful, it’s worth the effort, and it’s something every one of you should get to experience.

Attached below is the information about where the concert will be held, the ticket prices, and March Music Moderne’s Calendar.

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